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Look you found this page because you want to know if Doba Drop Shipping is legit. Be sure to read all the sections on I have been selling on eBay for nearly 4 years now. I wish I would have started with Doba when I started with eBay. Drop shipping is the only way to go if you want to maximize your personal time and Doba will help you reach your goal. And when I say goal you know I mean PROFIT! So enjoy this site, I know it will give you a little more insight on and how to utilize their services for your benefit.

Doba is a user friendly and offers excellent wholesale prices, on over 1,000,000+ name brand products. They strive to provide online sellers and retailers the highest profit margin achievable. These are excellent benefits for any eBay, Amazon, overstock seller, & web store owner. New Members test Doba's services with a Free Trial with Instant access to all Doba Products.

Apparel and Fashion Automotive and Tool Beauty and Health Bed and Bath Books, Music, Movies Computer and Laptop Consumer Electronics Gift, Craft and Hobby Home and Garden Industrial Supply Jewelry and Watches Kids and Baby Kitchen & Housewares Leisure and Sport Toys and Collectibles

After creating a free account to perform your own Doba review, you will notice it's extremely easy to navigate and browse through the products. It's simple to compare brands, styles, and prices. Product search features can be customized to tailor your search and narrow down your particular niche.

Doba provides all the tools and education you need to run your online empire with their Drop shipping education & training. You can set your own pace with their Computer Based Training. Doba also provides an outstanding tool called "Push to eBay" This integrated option is powerful for any seller and saves a lot of your valuable time.

Entrepreneurs stay at home parents, and even college students are finding out real fast that Doba is the new way to drop-ship for substantial profits. In addition to being one of the highest rated drop shippers on the internet, they are starting to rise to the top as the most user friendly web portal for streamlining product inventory. Insider Report

(No email address required - Just save it to your desktop to get started)

Doba Products that Sell

I like to break product into three distinct categories and I will give examples of each category for you. You can bend, tweak or interpret this philosophy anyway you like: Year Round --> Seasonal --> Promotional

Year Round Items to sell online are items that are consistently generating profit. (Remember my consistent item analogy with the kitchen knives?) Doba has over 1,000,000 products at your finger tips. This isn't a needle in a haystack type deal. Every product Doba offers to sell can generate a profit. It's not what you sell it's how you sell it. I sold a pair of used socks on eBay for $14.00 so you can defiantly sell new items online. Here are a few Consistent selling items that I've seen on eBay. Doba offers all of these products:

  • Cutlery
  • Stainless Steel Flasks (Get them engraved if you want)
  • Telescopes/Binoculars
  • Flashlights
  • Belt Buckles
  • Bean bags
  • Duffle Bags/handbags
  • Headphones (Excellent product to start with)

Okay I can't give all me secrets away. Remember sell a few products at a time, & watch your profits grow. BE A SMART SELLER. Seasonal products to sell are a "no brainer" I'm mainly talking about Holiday type items. You know what I mean items for Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. But there are also seasonal items you may not be thinking about. Sports! That's right sports. Football season you need to be selling Collectibles. Doba has plenty of NFL collectibles for all teams. Same goes for Basketball, Soccer, and Baseball. Doba even has Hockey memorabilia and collectibles that you can flip on eBay for a very nice profit. During NFL Football season I like to sell Pittsburgh Steelers & Dallas Cowboy Bleacher seats, and Jerseys. Be good at what you sell. But you have to prepare yourself for these types of seasonal items. If you are a smart seller (which you are) you will plan ahead. When you add Seasonal Items to your "consistent" Year Round items you are basically doubling or tripling your profit income. Hmm did you think of selling in levels?

Promotional product can be interpreted different. When I use the term Promotional I'm not suggesting a "deal" or "discount" I'm actually talking about piggy-backing off of hype in the media. When Shrek 3 the movie came out I started selling Shrek telephones from Doba. I made almost $11.00 for each telephone that I sold. I only sold for a short period of time. Why? Because Shrek diminished and another Blockbuster hit came out. The same can be applied to Coca-Cola products. Doba has Coke collectibles you can sell too. When you see Coke splashed all over the place, then start selling coke stuff. Why not Coca-Cola is already passing out big advertising dollars so just Piggy-back off their advertising!

My Doba Story

I'm going to be as honest and blunt as possible when it comes to the information I have for Eryone has their own story to tell about how they have succeeded with online sales. Remember, success isn't measured by how much money you have or profit you get. Success is measured by what you learned and how you can do things better. So when I refer to success, keep in mind that it's based on how you can prefect your online sales or eBay auctions. What can YOU do to make it work better? That is how you will be successful. Of course you want to be excited about BIG FAT PROFITS!

So, I started running out of stuff around the house. I was tired of going to yard sales, flea markets, storage auctions etc. I needed something readily accessible. Surely most of you have been down this road. Most eBay sellers do. This is my breaking point, this is when I started researching drop shipping and when I found Doba.

I am successful using Doba because I WANT TO! I want to be in charge of how much I can earn, I want to watch my profits grow. I want to be successful. My sales before I started on Doba were around $3k a month. That sounds pretty good for running around town to antique shops and thrift stores. My sales now are even better and profits are higher. In May 2007 I easily cleared $13,000 just off of Doba product. How much was profit? Nearly $4,100 went right into my pocket & I saved time, Gas, Post Office Trips etc.

I am so glad that I found, I'm not a kagillionaire or anything like that but I am successful using Doba as my Drop shipper. I rarely keep an eye out for sales, never check the clearance racks anymore and I don't even have to scout out yard sales. Doba has given me the power to take my sales to the next level, a better level, and even a professional level. Doba has all the information and tools I need to succeed on eBay, Amazon, Overstock & Craigslist.

Drop shipping with Doba is easy. If you can create a MySpace account, or check your E-mail then you can sell Doba products online. Hell, you can automate your auctions if you really wanted to. To this day I still sell on eBay & have achieved Gold Power Seller Status. If you think about it, Doba is the quite an efficient system designed to put time and money in your pockets. Your customer pays with PayPal, check, cash, money order or whatever? then you place the order through Doba by entering the eBay customers address and product they purchased? Doba ships your customer product and updates packaged orders with UPS tracking right there on the site, so when your customer needs tracking you don't have to fiddle with receipts you can send a direct tracking link right to your customer. Insider Report

Think of just a few things you wish you could pay for... Are these Bills? Gas? What about shopping money? Doba can help you get more money
Start putting Money in your pocket with Doba

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Ultimate Doba Benefits

Doba BenefitsSo, Why Use Doba... Why not use Doba Drop Shipping? So far you have read most of the features about Doba. I will break it down right here for you. The reasons for using Doba are obvious.

  • Doba offers Over 1,000,000 products
  • Doba offers a Free Trial
  • Doba has Stellar Customer Service
  • is very easy to use
  • Doba has instant online ordering!
  • Ebay integrated tools
  • is Certified by eBay
  • Free 7-day Trial
  • Free Education & Training
  • Webstore integration tools

Doba makes ordering, processing, and shipping sold products online easy. Doba will streamline your business process in the most efficient manner posible. This process saves you time and money. Start your Free Doba Trial.

Doba Inventory Builder

Building up your product line or inventory is the key to becoming even more successful. You learned in my Selling Smart section a little about consistent selling items. Again these are items that are always needed, and always making you a profit. Well now that you have a few items to sell in your arsenal you can add another Doba product. Start testing other items.

I only find one or two items a week to add to my pool of products. I'm not in a huge greedy rush; I'm already making a Consistent Profit. So why not add another item when I feel like it! That's the beauty of Online selling! You are in Control. Building up is based on a timeline. You add when you feel like it! That's all.

Doba Smart Selling

Selling product is easy, fun and profitable. Doba Drop Shipping offers 100's & Thousands of super popular items from I-pod MP3 Players to Sony Stereo equipment and other popular items. Don't get me wrong you can make some hefty cash selling these popular items. I personally don't get too much into the popular frenzy. I think of the popular items as "promotional" items. (If you ready my Products page you will catch my drift) The problem with these products is the market is saturated and competition is fierce. I started selling Samsung Helix Mp3 players and I did well. It didn't last long and other sellers were dropping prices fast so my Helix auctions went out of business. It's true I had to retire my excellent listing but it taught me to adapt and find something else.

Selling Needy items are where the true profits are. Popular items come in and out of style but necessity rules the roost. Selling Honeywell fans, coleman coolers, Tupperware dishes, chairs and other items have a more "consistent" return than popular items. Remember kitchen knives on my previous page? I hope you are catching on to all my selling tips. Doba has MORE needed product than Popular Product. That makes it very easy to find "consistent" selling items. My favorite consistently needed items to sell are blankets and bedroom pillows.

Recommended tools

Every single one of these tools will help you get traffic, increase bidding and in turn will bring in more profits.